Which Type of Tank Is Right for You?

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Which Type of Tank Is Right for You?

Tanks, or cartomizers, are what hold the e-liquid you vape. They attach to your battery / Mod by screwing onto the top, and they contain at least one coil and two wicks (for the most part). However, there’s a tremendous variety of different cart types out there, and they don’t all work in the same way. Some are easier to use but wear out quickly, others are large enough to hold an entire week’s worth of e-liquid at one time. Which is right for you?


Tank cartomizers are the biggest of the breed. Some of these can hold an entire bottle of e-liquid or more (about seven times the amount of a standard cart). These use polyfill wicks and work in the same way as other cartomizers, but some people have found they leak or the feed of e-liquid into the coil gets clogged up. With that being said, some people love them.

Dual Coil Carts

If you want to really maximize your vapour production, there’s nothing better than a dual coil setup. These carts use two coils and many wicks to transfer the e-liquid to the coil. The problem here is that operating two coils requires a lot of power, more than most small batteries can produce. If you’re trying to use a dual coil cart with a small, weak battery, the experience will be less than satisfying. Look for a battery that offers five volts of power.

Gravity Feed

Most carts use wicks that draw the e-liquid up and into the coil (think old-school oil lamps). However, there are also gravity feed carts available. These work in the opposite manner. There’s usually a wick at the top of the chamber, which is set at the bottom of the cart that draws the e-liquid down to the coil. Some users have reported a burned taste to their vapour as well, when used with a higher voltage battery.

Wick Fed Top Coils

One of the more common types of carts on the market is the wick fed top coil model. These use two or four wicks (of varying thicknesses depending on the strength/resistance rating of the cart) to draw e-liquid up and into the coil. Most disposable carts are of this type, although you’ll find that most e-cigarettes (not vaporizers) use polyfill carts. There are problems with this type of cart as well. The most common problem comes from getting e-liquid into the coil tube during filling. To fill the cart, you unscrew the tip and drip the liquid into the chamber.

Most hold up to 2ml, but you can find larger capacities available. The issue is that if you get the liquid into the tube, it will gurgle, your vapour production will suffer, and you may suck some of the liquid into your mouth while vaping. The other problem is that they do wear out. In a disposable model, you toss it and use a new cart. With the removable wick/coil assembly type, you unscrew the coil and wicks from the central tube and replace them, reusing the cart.

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