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For those who’ve decided to ditch traditional tobacco in favour of vaporisers, it’s a whole new world. There’s a wealth of different flavour options on the market, and many different nicotine strengths from which to choose in your e-liquid. Of course, most of those switching from tobacco are doing so because of the health problems that stem from smoking. Those problems come from the toxic chemicals and ingredients in smoke. It makes sense that you’d want to ensure that your e-liquid is free from those same deadly toxins. What’s in most e-liquids on the market today? The Past Is Gone...

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If you’re making the switch from traditional smokes to a vaporizer, you’ll need to make sure you understand the nicotine strength of the e-liquid you’re purchasing. Most manufacturers produce a wide range of different strengths, but they’re not labelled the same way that cigarettes are. You won’t find full flavour, light, and ultralight. Instead, you’ll find the ratings in milligrams of nicotine contained in the bottle. The Most Common Ratings There are several pretty common nicotine strength ratings for e-liquids. They range from very strong, at 36 mg to moderate at 18, and then decrease to 6, 3 and 0....

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