Smok TFV8 Cloud Beast LEAK Fix Solutions

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Smok TFV8 Cloud Beast LEAK Fix Solutions

This article will explain how to resolve the notorious leaky coil issue associated with the SMOK TVF8 Cloud beast. In this issue we will use the V8-T8 coils but the same principles apply to the 

V8-Q4 Quadruple Coil Head (0.15Ω) coil and the 

V8 Exclusive Turno RBA Head (0.28Ω) coil.

1) First and foremost it is important to use a mod that can support this beastly tank because written on the coil you will find the manufacturers recommended wattage as shown below. From our tests we advise running at 100 watts minimum for any of the coils and this also coincides with SMOK's recommendations. In our test we used the snow wolf 218w

What this means in a nutshell is to make sure that your mod can run 100+ watts. Any less will cause your e liquid to not burn on the coil and leak down through your air holes located at the bottom. 


As you can see above ideal wattage is between 120-180w, higher will cause dry hits and burning of the coil. 


2) The other possible cause of leaking is from the gasket at the top of the tank. You must ensure this gasket is properly inserted within the mould on the metal. The seal should be air tight and you can check this by filling e liquid with the tank holding it upside down for a few minutes and see if any residue builds up. This is also another reason e liquid leaks down the side of the mod as it makes its way down the tank as most people tilt their mod and an angle when inhaling causing liquid to leak from the top.



 3) The last solution solves 90% of the leak issues but requires a little modification. It is advisable to use a long nose plier, a wire cutter and a skinny long nose flat screw driver as shown below. 



Firstly remove the coil from your mod and pull down the contact point at the bottom shown below 


Secondly remove the rubber O ring to reveal the coil contact points as shown below.


Each coil will have 2 contact points, one positive + and one negative-. The positive must make contact with the contact screw so will be situated on the outside of the O ring so will be visible once you reassemble. Once you place the contact screw back it will sandwich the 4 positive points in between the contact screw and the O Ring as shown below.

The other 4 contact points (other side of the coil) will make contact with the actual coil within the chamber as shown below.



In order to do this snip the negative wire which should make contact within the coil and bend it with long nose pliers so it make physical contact with the metal inside the chamber. This part is imperative otherwise your mod will show the coil is malfunctioning. 

Secondly snip and bend the positive x4 points so they are inside the O ring and do not protrude when looking at the coil side on. The image below shows what is wrong with the coil and this is why leakage occurs. The contact points create a gap between the O ring and e liquid leaks out from the air holes.


As you can see above the O ring is not flush with the coil and the metal contact can be seen. The idea is to resolve both these issues so the coil looks like the images below. 

Now reassemble ensuring x4 negative contact points are touching the inside chamber and 4 are sandwiched between the contact screw and the O ring. The image above shows what the coil should look like BEFORE the sandwiching process lol. This seems like a long process but it only actually takes 5 minutes.

That should fix the problem now just remember to vape at a high wattage when using this beast :) . Hope this helps guys. All products are available online,




  • Chris

    I’m so tired of fixing the lead between the bottom seal and the contact post. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. SMOK should address the manufacturing defect instead of us having to fix it ourselves. I’ve tried multiple times to contact SMOK and a few vendors, but no one replies, therefore, I refuse to buy anymore coils until I know the defect issue has been resolved.

  • Steven Bradburne

    I am seriously thinking of throwing my cloudbeast in the bin I bought it cos I wanted the bigger juice capacity from the baby beast. Love the flavour from the tfv8 range.. This leaking issue is a real let down

  • Phyllis Smith

    I have been having this issue and it is driving me NUTS! I took the gasket out and repositioned it according to the pix you posted. Hopefully this will remedy my issue. My e-juice has been leaking everywhere!! Thank you for the informative article. If it still leaks, I’ll be back to try the other suggestions.

  • Steve

    Idk if I accidentally cut the wires too short or what, but after doing this to all 3 coils, it says atomiser not found.

  • john panizza

    i just tried this now and im geting immidiate results but i will come back on tommorow to tell you updates

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