Should I Choose an E-Cigarette or a Vaporizer?

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Should I Choose an E-Cigarette or a Vaporizer?

If you’re in the market for a tobacco alternative, then the variety of e-devices available makes this an excellent time to kick the habit. However, you’ll have an important choice to make – do you want an e-cigarette or should you go with a vaporizer? While both of these devices work on similar principals, they’re very different at the same time. What should you know?



Let’s start the discussion with a look at e-cigarettes. They’re slim and small, designed to resemble a traditional cigarette. They’re available in different flavors and strengths, too. Because of their small size, they’re exceptionally portable and can fit in a coat pocket very easily. Some types actually come with a carry pack that’s roughly the same size as a pack of cigarettes and can hold a couple of batteries, and several cartridges. Cartridges are completely self-contained and require no filling. When one’s empty, you toss it in the bin and attach a new one.

With that being said, e-cigarettes have some drawbacks. First and foremost, the smaller battery size means you’ll have less use time. Packs that come with only one battery will mean you’re without a smoke while the battery recharges (some starter kits come with two or more batteries because of this). They also don’t last quite as long as a vaporizer’s fluid does, but this will vary considerably depending on how heavily you vape.



Now let’s look at vaporizers. The principle is the same as e-cigarettes (a nicotine-bearing liquid is heated and vaporized, and then drawn into the lungs, giving you the fix you crave). However, beyond that, they’re pretty dissimilar. Vaporizers are larger than e-cigarettes, and they require filling. E-liquids are sold in different strengths and flavors, but filling can be a messy process for first-time users.

Vaporizers hold more e-liquid than e-cigarettes do, allowing them to last longer. Light smokers might be able to get by with filling their cartridge only once per week or so. Of course, cartridges can be purchased in many different capacities too. The batteries for vaporizers are much larger than e-cigarettes, meaning that while they’re a little more difficult to transport, they last much longer.

Where you might get three to four hours out of an e-cigarette battery, vaporizer batteries can last an entire day or longer. Light vapers might go for several days, or even a full week or more with no need to recharge the battery.


Making Your Choice

Choosing between e-cigarettes and vaporizers can be tough. It really boils down to how frequently you expect to vape, and whether you mind recharging your batteries multiple times per day. Vaporizers are the better option for heavy smokers looking to make the switch, but the learning curve is a bit steeper because they’re more labor intensive to use.

Perhaps the best option is to start with one and experiment. Buy a cheaper e-cigarette starter kit and see if you like it. If it doesn’t work out, you can buy a vaporizer and keep the e-cigarette for a spare.

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