Aspire Cleito Exo tank review 2017

Aspire Cleito Exo tank review 2017

Cleito Exo E-Liquid Tank


The Cleito Exo is the 3rd evolution of the popular e-liquid tank series from Aspire. It is built with a 2ml tank to make it TPD compliant and has the last flavour enhancing tank technology. It has been built to take vapour and flavour production to the next level with its vastly improved airflow, while also providing a leak-free design. The top fill and quick to dissemble design means it is very convenient to use with ultra-low maintenance for everyday use. With an array of funky colours and the option to use original Cleito coils that boost the capacity back to 3.5ml could this be the best tank of 2017? We shall find out. 


Design – 9.0

The Cleito Exo tank is built with a new design that eliminates the chimney section of the tank and instead has the actual coil. This means there is less of a gap between the Aspire coil and you, therefore the production of flavour is much more impressive. The latest airflow technology in this unit is designed to bring in air from the slits down the sides and travel to the Cleito EXO bottom intake, it then moves through the coil and into your vapour. A benefit of this airflow technology is the ability to produce huge flavour and improved vapour that is rarely seen with a stock coil.


This e-liquid tanks is compatible with other Cleito coils (has the same lower coil threading) such as the smaller standard 0.2ohm and 0.4ohm.


When using the packaged 0.16ohm coil, you get to enjoy the full TPD compliant 2ml e-liquid capacity, but utilizing the alternative coils it is possible to increase the capacity of the tank to 3.5ml with no need to invest in an extension glass. This means you get to use two capacity options from a single tank without extra parts required. Plus, this tank is also compatible with the Cleito RBA deck.


In addition to the high vaping performance, the Cleito Exo has great simplicity in design with a choice of five distinct colours. Available in Anodized Rainbow, Black, Blue, Bronze and Stainless Steel to pair stylish looks with its great versatility in use.


Features & Spec – 8.5


The Cleito EXO has seen a significant design evolution from earlier units offered by Aspire. This e-liquid tank is feature-rich to complement its refined looks, leak-free top-fill technology and innovative air flow design. Here are a few of the top features of the Cleito EXO:



  The Cleito EXO has seen a complete upgrade in its airflow technology, which is an improvement on many of the alternatives in the market. The airflow begins in the tank's side slits and moves down to the base before coming up through the coil to present massive vapour and flavour production.


 With the option to interchange the coils, the Cleito tanks make it that much more convenient to go about your daily vaping. Simply changing the tank to a Cleito coil increases the capacity to 3.5ml. The larger of the packaged coils (0.16ohm) with the Cleito EXO gives the option of a capacity of 2ml. 

 Top-Fill Tank

 Similar to earlier units, the Cleito EXO is designed with a top-fill tank to make it extremely user-friendly. It is a simple process of unscrewing the top cap and adding in the preferred e-juice in a matter of seconds.

 TPD Compliant

 The Cleito EXO tank by Aspire is entirely TPD compliant with its leak-proof top fill design and 2ml capacity.


 This e-liquid tank is built with the latest topside airway with the bottom-side chimney for the most effective vapour production and flavour.


However, the no leak design is subject to the O-ring at the base of the tank holding out, but there is only the minimal risk of this part causing any issues in the future.


The very user-friendly design of the Cleito EXO is a great quality and makes it quite straightforward to take apart as and when required. But, it is essential to properly hand-tighten the top cap to ensure the right seal is achieved with the base.


The Cleito EXO is relatively small with a height of 57mm, a width of 23.5mm, and its 510 threading means it is practical for mods at many different sizes, and easily connects to most standard box mod.


The design makes it possible to experience the great flavour and cloud production with almost zero risk of leaks. A great quality of this Aspire tank is the ability to vape at a high wattage without needing to be concerned about the generated heat of the glass tank. It is protected by a special metal jacket that is really useful for keeping the tank cool to the touch. The only negative we found was the lack of adjustable airflow but to be honest the fixed design coupled with Aspire's latest airflow technology makes us wonder if we actually need it. Regardless it would have been a nice addition.


Performance – 9.4


The Cleito Exo e-liquid tank has the ability to generate large vapour production while using a small airflow cross section of 25.5 sq mm. This tank is built to give the user a flavour rush with a broad profile from the preferred type of e-liquid. By combining its vapour production with its top filling design, this tank is likely to be seen as one of the finest choices available in the market.


Overall – 8.9


If you are after big clouds and great flavour, the Cleito EXO is certain to make a very desirable option for those in need of a user-friendly sub-ohm tank. This e-liquid tank is not only an absolute pleasure for vaping on, but is also extremely straightforward to take apart in times of cleaning or changing the coil. It has great styling in a choice of attractive colours, and its metal casing does a fine job of giving protection to the glass tank to minimize the risk of any mishaps. Even with regular use, the Cleito EXO is unlikely to have any gurgling, spitback, or leaking while in use.


The only drawback is the 2ml maximum capacity and the tank can quickly be drained by the thirsty Cleito 120 coils. However, the refilling process isn't too difficult and easily accomplished even when this tank is taken out with you. The performance of the coils is so high that many users will rarely see this as much of an issue. Also, there is the option of using the original Cleito’s coils for the more user-friendly tank.


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